Oskar's leg up


We are a non profit foundation dedicated to helping pets in our community when owners and pet lovers find them selves unable to financially afford the care that their beloved companion needs and deserves.
We started this in memory of one of our very own much loved and missed pets.  Oskar was a rescue dog with the kindest and most caring soul.  His unconditional love comforted everyone, even people who met him in passing.
We were lucky enough to be able to afford his care before he passed but our sadness at our loss made us realize that being able to assist those less fortunate than us would truly be a gift and something Oskar would most definitely have supported. The heartbreak of losing a pet is as painful and difficult as any other loss.  If we can, we would like to ease that for others.  If Oskar was anything, he was a helper and a healer.  Wholeheartedly.  Because that's what he was, all heart.  As all cherished pets are.