We appreciate and happily accept donations of any denomination.    Donations can be made by e-transfers, cheques or money orders made out to Oskar's leg up.  We also have a donate button on every page of our website if you would like to use a credit card.  Please visit our contact page for our mailing address or use our feebback form for any questions you might have.

We thank you.

Although we wish we could help every pet in our community we have not yet made that a possibility.  To that end we will rely on local Veterinary clinics to inform us of families or pets who could truly benefit from our help.  

We would also like to thank Nanaimo Veterinary Hospital for the kind, compassionate,  amazing care our pets receive from their clinic.  We are hoping to work in close conjunction with them.
If anyone in the nanaimo area is looking for a great veterinary hospital we highly recommend them.



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