A letter of thanks we recieved.

09/09/2015 11:55

"Hello my name is spencer and I just heard that you covered most of my vet bill ... Thank you soooooo much !
On Saturday I noticed my dog Bentley acting weird by Sunday night he was crying in pain and I had no idea what was wrong .. So I brought him to the vet which I couldn't afford as I haven't found a job since moving back to nanaimo I thought it was a pulled muscle ... After the blood tests it turn out he had more then a pulled muscle I believe it's called non infectious meningitis... He's now on steroids and doing much better and because of you I can breathe easier thank you so much for doing what you did for me and my furr child it means the world !

Thanks again for everything !
Spencer + Bentley !! "



Oskar's leg up

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